Last Saturday of every month

What is a Repair Café?

We live in a throw-away society – buy it, use it, throw it! Far too many things get thrown away unnecessarily. That will change for us with the opening of a Repair Café in Crowthorne.

Repair Cafés are free ‘community-centred workshops’ for people to bring items in need of repair so they can work together with volunteers to repair and maintain the broken or faulty item. In addition to repair, Repair Cafés provide a place to meet and provide assistance with repairs to clothing, for example fixing a zip.

A Repair Café contributes to a sustainable, thriving community. A community where repair expertise is valued and passed on, where raw materials are used in a responsible way and where people can meet and get to know one another.

Visit the Global Repair Café website to find out a bit more about the foundation.

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What do we repair?

You can bring along most household products. Typical products include items of clothing, textiles, lamps, radios, stereo equipment, strimmers, hedge trimmers, electric mowers, toasters, food mixers, coffee makers, kettles, chairs, small tables, typewriters, sewing machines, toys, power tools, laptop computers to name but a few. We can do minor and cosmetic woodwork/upholstery repairs and will offer sharpening (knives/scissors only).

All items, including textiles must be clean, dust bags emptied, food/gardening residue removed etc.

CRC does not complete repairs on petrol driven products, industrial devices, 3 phase power tools, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, gas powered items, antiques/valuables, watches or jewellery, fragile or unusual items. We have also decided not to repair bikes at this stage but that may change in the future. Products that could present a hazard to repairers such as those known to contain or be made from Asbestos should not be brought to the Repair Café. We are unable to do large scale woodwork or upholstery repairs due to the time required. Alterations to clothing, replacement fly zips are also not undertaken by CRC.  

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Where is Crowthorne Repair Café?

Crowthorne Repair Café normally operates on the last Saturday of every month at the Baptist Church Hub on Crowthorne High Street. We are open from 10.30 – 12.30 where we have a dedicated team of volunteer helpers and repairers. There is no charge for entry or for our time to assess, provide advice and attempt the repair of faulty products.  Any donation towards the running of the our repair café is always gratefully received. 

Please note that the latest time you can book a faulty product in for repair is 12:15pm.

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Address: 144 High Street, 
RG45 7AT


Who are we?

Crowthorne Repair Café is sponsored by Crowthorne Reduce Our Waste. Friends of the Repair Cafe include the Crowthorne Parish Council, Wokingham Without Parish Council, Coop, Sandhurst Residents Association and the Baptist Church. We are part of the global Repair Café movement led by The Repair Café International Foundation, where repairs to household products are carried out by a world-wide community of volunteers.


Crowthorne Repair Cafe is run by volunteers, any purchases of refreshments or donations go towards the running costs and allow us to keep the monthly sessions going. Donations/purchases may be made during any Repair Cafe session either by card or cash.